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Who we are

DigitalWing is a software development company that will provide you with a professional team of engineers, programmers, designers and managers to help your start-up and business be the first in the digital age.

We have dozens of implemented projects. We have extensive experience in such industries as Medical Technology, Financial Technologies and E-commerce.

What we do

We are developing custom IT solutions for your business. Mobile and frontend applications, backend solution, DevOps and development of UI/UX design of your products

Technologies We Use
  • JavaScript

Our main programming language, which we use to develop front-end, backend and mobile solutions. We apply ES7 + together with Babel

  • React

The JavaScript library we use to create fast and flexible interfaces for client applications

  • Redux

It is a tool for managing both the data state and the state of the interface in JavaScript applications. We apply it together with React

  • Webpack

We build frontend with Webpack, PostCSS, and Babel

  • React Native

We develop cross-platform mobile applications on the React Native framework using native solutions in the languages Swift and Java

  • Node.js

Our basic technology for creating backend applications. From any network services to high-performance solutions

  • Jenkins

We love to automate our development, so we use CI & CD with Jenkins

  • Docker

We wrap all of our applications in Docker, which reduces development time by automating the deployment

Price models

We have several pricing models, and we are always glad to meet your specific needs by adjusting the model that is suitable for both the company and the client.

What we do
Quickly and

Our team provides fast solutions, develops projects that meet all your requirements and needs, and controls your costs.

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Time & Material

The Time & Material pricing model is good for complex projects that last particular time and can be extended by the client. Through this model, customers pay an hourly rate that is signed in the contract. Clients can revise the size of the team and the project duration to meet their needs and make the project successful.

Fixed price

The Fixed Price model suggests working fixed hours and getting paid fixed price for the work done. DigitalWing guarantees that development will be done on time and within the budget cost agreed with the customer.

Milestone billing

The Milestone Billing model is built on monthly payments or other time schedules agreed with the customer. This form of paying is good for big projects that are long lasting.

Dedicated team

The Dedicated Team model works as an extension to the client’s own infrastructure and equipment. DigitalWing team members can work based on your development center. Such model is perfect for implementing new frameworks on the client’s base and training specialists for the customer’s needs.